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Mobile diagnostic imaging

We have invested heavily in mobile equipment, including battery powered digital radiography, ultrasound and a class IV therapeutic laser.

Mobile diagnostic imaging

At Hale we have invested heavily in all the latest technology to assist us with diagnosing your horse’s problems, whether that be at your yard or at our purpose-built facility at Lackham College.

  • Battery powered state of the art digital radiography to allow imaging to happen in the middle of a field if required.

  • Battery powered high quality ultrasound machine with tendon and abdominal probes.

  • Battery powered class IV therapeutic laser which has multiple uses including:

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Back pain

  • Exertional rhabdomyolysis

  • Bursitis/Synovitis

  • Wounds

  • Navicular disease

  • Abscesses/haematomas

  • Sacroiliac subluxation

  • Tendonitis/Desmitis

  • Post-surgical swelling

  • Upper airway endoscopy

  • Gastroscopy clinics

  • Shockwave unit

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