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Foot balance and laminitis x-ray

We offer competitively priced packages for x-rays of the feet, whether to aid your farrier with foot balance, or to diagnose and treat laminitis cases.

Foot balance and laminitis x-ray

We are pleased to offer services which aim to catch issues before they cause a clinical lameness, such as our special offer of foot balance x-rays. We understand the old adage “no foot, no horse” so at a special discount price we can provide your farrier with x-ray views of the feet from the front and sides. 

These can be invaluable in helping your farrier to trim and balance the feet correctly. Incorrect foot balance is known to be a cause of several lameness issues ranging from splints, check ligament injuries to bone spavin and navicular disease.

We also believe strongly in producing radiographs of laminitic feet available at an affordable price, because they are so useful in guiding recovery of the foot. 

We have developed a very reasonable package rate for this service too – please call the office for more information.

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