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Equiplus Health Scheme

How Do
I Register?

What is the Equine Health Scheme?

Our Equiplus Health Scheme is the simple way to support your horse’s health while saving money. 


Your horse will require routine treatments and vaccinations throughout its life, and our plan gives the peace of mind that comes from knowing that care is covered.

What does the

Basic Health Plan Cover?

  • An annual booster vaccination for influenza and tetanus, as appropriate for your horse

  • Full dental examination and routine teeth rasp, including sedation*

  • Visit charge associated with the above (one visit per year)

  • Tailored worming programme including an Equest Pramox wormer and three faecal worm egg counts

  • 5% discount on any additional veterinary fees required outside the plan (this does not include drugs or laboratory fees)

  • 5% discount for those requiring a primary vaccine course

  • Flexibility of payment - the opportunity to pay for the plan in one annual lump sum or twelve monthly instalments

Includes all the above plus:

Basic Plus Scheme

  • Six monthly influenza booster

Veteran scheme

  • Basic lameness examination

  • Equine (blood) profile

  • Cushing’s blood test

Competition scheme

  • Plus a six monthly influenza booster

  • Advanced lameness examination

  • Equine (blood) profile

*the dental examination does not include major dental correction

Type of plan
Basic Plus
Monthly Premium
Annual lump sum
Full cost of individual elements included

Please note: If you default on monthly premium, or cancel the plan part way through the year, you may be liable for the balance of veterinary fees to date. Discounts only apply if the account is settled in full within 30 days of invoice date.


Request a registration form from a member of staff, or call us on

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